How to Choose the Best Gear for Wedding Photography

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Event Photography

There are thousands of items available for you to rent but, only some are ideal for weddings. This list will help you in finding the best suitable essentials to fit your shooting style.

Electrical and Plumbing We all like the idea of a beautifully styled wedding shower but practicalities should be balanced with design. Half-bath or even two-bath spaces, designed to fit different tastes, are affordable and allow people of all shapes and sizes to relax together.

Lamps are essential for any wedding and for bringing out the natural beauty of the setting. We recommend spending half of your money on lamps and keeping the rest for refreshments.

A medium and heavy tent, 16 feet wide and 20 feet tall, offers the ideal bench for your best man to rest his head and shoulders on.

A name maker is essential for any wedding event and for Friday night drinks. A water poem will set you apart from the rest.

A DJ is a must for any night of dancing and for setting the perfect mood. A microphone and lights are of the utmost essential and make it look as professional as it is casual.

Wedding Dresses A fitted wedding dress from a reputable wedding dress company with full coverage is the safest bet in terms of avoid slipping and giving the wrong impression. A simple traditional black or white wedding dress will do the trick for a wedding or anniversary but don’t be fooled into thinking that all formal wedding dresses are of the same quality or price.

A traditional white and rose jeweled belt, worn with the dress, will add more flare to proceedings. Sports bras and yoga outfits are also acceptable, however, any bra that offers partial coverage is suitable.

Wedding Venues The ideal venue is the one you ideally want to attend. It has a mix of intimate venues with tables, displaying photos and memorabilia from the wedding or other guests’ experiences. Additional intimate venues are any of the bars, restaurants or cocktail lounges that usually come with the venue of choice.

Things to Keep in Mind Reducing the number of people at the wedding and selecting the most suitable ones are top wedding tips. Rather than following the crowd and renting events from the cheap hotels or B&Bs, it is worth your time to get creative with your choices.

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