How to Prepare Yourself for Destination Wedding Photography

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Wedding Photography

Destination wedding photography is something which is on the bucket list of many budding and professional wedding photographers. This industry depends upon the connections and referrals; once you have impressed the couples and their wedding parties, chances of being hired outside your region grow exponentially. Usually couple prefer bringing photographers and videographers with them instead of hiring them locally. Therefore, the best method for success here is preparation.

You can make the photo sessions last longer by bringing multiple photographers and videographers with you from the beginning. Most good wedding photographers prefer taking some of their most challenging shots before 9 AM to set the tone for the rest of the day (unless the couple feels that taking photos that early in the morning is a valid option).

Providing the Best Widespark, Local Links and Domain Authority

It is impossible for any married couple to complete all the details of their wedding without getting some help. Therefore, getting fiberglass wedding rings made locally is a must. But where can you get the best wedding photos and videos?

As the biggest and most inclusive destination wedding photographers network, we decided to have our photographers compete for best local wedding photography requirements from regions across the country using our top 3 rankings as criteria.

With over a month’s time, we evaluated hundreds of entries and had a group of photographers presenting their hand-picked photography expertise. The winning teams will be announced during the middle of July, so please bear with us until then!

Top Parties

The following are the top parties we had photographers shoot for and the results. However, since this was a pure guest post competition, no money changed hands and all photos were taken under glass before the couple had a word to say.

1. Moving Toward Home Sweet Home by Chris & Kelly Ashley

Photos by the author

The picturesque scene of two college kids enjoying some time together on a wide open grassy expanse is anything but ordinary. And the posture of a perfectly shot couple holding hands is an inspired attitude. On the bright side, the bride brought a lot of personality to the proceedings which was appreciated.

2. Sweet Again by Wendy Rae Larsen

Photos by Kim Ng & Jillian Walter

The self-portrait of Wendy’s lips against a perfectly sun-dappled background was not the only cause for excitement from the couples in this picture. What made Jennifer smile was the great outfit the bride wore. Keep your camera in hand when your photographer asks Jillian to step back just a couple feet for this gorgeous shot. The focus here is clearly on the couple expression, although it really works as a “bridegroom shot”.

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