How to Set Up a Video Booth

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Event Photography

For your next party or event, you might want to consider an alternative idea. Typically, people go ahead and set up a photo booth – great, but what about a video booth? The video booth might seem more complicated and expensive at first, but we’re here to show you that it isn’t. Consider how much fun it will be for guests and how the final product will amaze them.

Rather than spend your precious funds upfront on equipment, you can save some money by taking ideas and put them to use.

Shop responder gifts for the ones who stick around and those who don’t. Shop invite linens and a colormatched table cloth for guests to put their name on a piece of artwork and have complete control over what their name will be on. Enjoy amazing gifts, yet ensure that you give the perfect response.

Our favorite response gifts for corporate events are neckties, but if an event has a niche, you can always get creative and choose one of your own. You can sell the tie as a commemorative piece of jewelry, make it into a stocking stuffer, or even sell personalized glassware or napkins branded with your company name. While one-of-a-kind neckties are valuable, they probably won’t hang in your closet for long and they are a little overpriced. Try other kinds of unique items that will bring some delight to recipients.

Following up on the previous suggestion, make your own commemorative glassware or napkins. This is one fun way to add more personality to corporate events. Your costs are much lower than if you choose to buy stockings, stationery, or other stationery items for company use. It isn’t expensive to invest in a few napkins and a few pieces of stationery and send them out as a thank you to your hosts. Commercial vendors make effective stationery items for corporate use, and you can turn these into personalized stationery you can give out yourself.

Brands for pets are a fun niche for gift gives. Just be sure to keep your pets’ needs in mind when you are shopping for gifts. If your pet likes to see a trainer to keep them in shape, you might want to look at some collar items. This is another gift category for that one person in your life who loves pets. Respect their time by finding creative ways to give them a treat every now and then!

If your organization has a name that you want to turn into a pet or has a bakeshop to run, consider repurposing your old furniture into a retail product. A plate from a now-closed restaurant? A table from a church? A tablecloth from a church-supplied goods store? Wow, you may want to repurpose all of these for something else! You don’t have to buy completed products and every piece can be broken down into individual items. Include gifts for your signature initiatives so people know who to thank.

Gift cards are a perfect solution for almost any occasion.

You can reach over 5,000 people with a simple Idea Party video in just 20 minutes.

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Before we get started, make sure you have access to the following tools:

The Easiest Way to Take Great Pictures

Before you set up your special Idea Party video, make sure you have attached your smartphone to a tripod. You should also plan on taking plenty of pictures of your booth…that’s the only way someone else will be able to actually see it! Below are some of the various image and video editing software you will need for this event. Important note: Make sure to compare the potential presence of each software to your camera before you set up your video. If there are more software choices than you can use, choose an affordable solution and then expand on that software once you have used it to capture your event.

Normally, we recommend taking great pictures with your smartphone. That’s the absolute best option if you, for some reason, do not trust your normal camera or aren’t able to hold your smartphone steady during the event! We’ve watched dozens of folks take amazing photos with their feature phone, and even more folks with their DSLR cameras. The DSLR is by far the more expensive tool, but you can make a DSLR work with your smartphone.

There is a great trick to get super accurate pictures with your iPhone. There’s a reason why this phone is the most popular and well-regarded in the smartphone world. When you take a picture with your iPhone, you directly control what gets into the picture. This is called exposure, and it allows you to control what will be seen in the image. There are two ways to expose an image. You either expose the image fully, or you expose each pixel individually.

It might seem obvious, but it might be the determining factor for your video booth. We had an SD Card that only held 75mb and I reached out to Ann to see if she had a spare one (she did – the quality is awesome). Drop a bag of potatoes on the card and record the event inside. So simple, so simple.

Let’s get onto the next item – the HD Camcorder. Ann Handley own’s and operates both a camcorder and a HD camcorder. she also has a really nice camcorder, even though it’s on crappy batteries. This very nice camcorder has some grain in it, but I added a lens cap for some contrast, which reduced some of the grain. You’ll need to crop the footage a bit to make the video look great on an HD camcorder.

If you’d like to learn more about recording HD video, then read:

How to Record HD Videos – The First Step

The next thing we did was set up a HD Camcorder. I love video, so when we looked at the quality that Ann Handley was using, we knew we could get some commercially-grade stuff. We filmed the entire event in HD, which reduces the stress and hassle of having to edit the movies. Some people don’t like to watch HD content on their computer because the video is quite wobbly.

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