Vacation Shooting Tips for Better Photo Books

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Travel Photography

When you go on vacation, you want to remember what made it so special. That’s why taking photos is so important. But if you are the person who posts endless shots of people in front of landmarks on Facebook, you are not giving the world anything new. When you’re on vacation, the opportunity to spend quality time with yourself, family, and friends are available. The key to a good photo is to take a better one. People will want to see your photos if they’re great.

For more insightful tips, read Steve Klein’s tips on vacation photo posts, documented excellent European travelers’ tips on brainstorming new ways to get family pictures, and read what Jennifer Lopez tweeted about in trying to get family pictures once she was back in the States.

If you want to take great family photos, here are tactics to get the most from them, from taking the right filters to setting your cameras up the way you want.


People want to hang out with people they like. And having good friends around is a key element to making your family vacation photos great.

If you’re a fan of people, you’ll usually show more family photos with friends. If you’re a fan of images, you’ll post family pictures more with people you know. If you’re a fan of photos of triggers, then you’re likely to show more photo posts with people and places that you’re proud of.

The takeaways here are that you should know who your ideal family of five would hang out with while on vacation, and then you need to change your settings so that your friends and family image prominently.


The same holds true if you want to be able to snap better photos. You can start by setting your camera up for night photography with wide angle lenses, rather than for wide angle pictures during the day. Wide angle lenses provide you with more light, which is key for high picture quality, and more importantly, they make your life (and sleep) more comfortable.

Plus, look for wireless cameras that allow you to snap photos of people and lots of stuff while you’re in bed. These can be as inexpensive as $15–$20 per night. A good wireless camera has a night mode. That way, you’re less likely to have to snap in dark conditions while at night. With a good bell, tripod, and lighting, you’re much more likely to get the perfect shot.


Get seven hours of sleep every night.

While this won’t keep you from wanting to take photos and post them online, it will set you up for future, higher productivity. Sleep is also your body’s way of calming down.

Set up a schedule that allows you to get four hours of sleep, and then get seven hours of sleep. The next day, do you still want to go for two-hour photo posts? Put those pictures on your calendar the next day.

If you take the time to dress well; wear unique clothing and shoes; and pack items with the least amount of use, you will be more successful. At the start of this post, I list out all of the unassuming items that will make your vacation photos stand out. Carrying a beach umbrella suspended from your waist will make you five times more interesting and ten times more relevant.Pack items found in airports: Women’s perfume: Iced women’s perfume: Candles: The actual outfits:Ties: Towels: Parachutes: Glow sticks: Hat: Wipes: Deodorant: Toiletries:Detergent: Toilet paper: Toothpaste: Toilet paper tubes: Garbage bags: Under-Arm pads: Children’s picture books: Carry-on glasses: Put a towel on the ground.Don’t forget your wallet: Cash card: Toilet rolls: Earrings: Watch batteries: A fold-out shelf with Tupperware and toothpicks so that you can store small items:Swim trunks: Pushups: Dresses: Underwater bottles: Bean bags: Pocket mirrors: PLENTY of batteries: Butterfly knives: Toilet paper: Bandages: Bandage scissors: Bandage scissors and tweezers: Use the foods in your refrigerator: Hand sanitizer: Small bottle of disinfectant:

If travelers are expecting to be photographed, you must agree to it being their business. Your photo’s content should reflect the community that you are visiting.

You guessed right! I have included a list of items. It’s only a short list! If you use all of the items, your chances for getting more likes, reactions, comments, and positive reviews will be high.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to visit Paris for Halloween to complete this task! Below are the 5 simple steps to follow to take great pictures of your family and friends on vacation.

Wear Appearance-Worthy Clothes

When you post photos, you want to make sure there is something new, fun, and different about you. It takes ten minutes to take a nice closeup photo with your phone, so you want to make sure you take the time to avoid stuff that is tiring or blurry. This is a perfect time to go shopping and find outfits that will make your family/friends smile. You don’t have to buy all new outfits, just all different.

Create a Hairstyle:

It’s important to look good in photos. When you shop you will notice trends and learn new items to add to your look!

Hair Powder: We love vinyl nail polishes, and they don’t costs more than a dollar.

Photo Filters: they take less than $20 and they look professional with their silver edge.

Once again, this is especially true if your vacation includes a gorgeous outdoor setting or a serene lake. Outdoor photos are by far, the most popular type of photo for vacations. So the goal of this vacation photo blog is to compile a long list of our favorite outdoor photos from around the world.

Here we go!

Dinner in the Woods

At this location, picturesque dining is available. It makes for a relaxing walk through the woods while strolling around the lake.

Gorgeous Beacon Hill Walk & Virtual Viewing

You have to see it to believe it! The view from Beacon Hill is the quintessential way to spend a day walking, hiking, or running along the coast of Lake Michigan. You’ll get a great overview of the Chicago area, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a flight information tower.

Volunteering at the Zoo

Volunteering at the Zoo in greater Chicago is a great way to spend a day. Get a virtual tour of the Zoohouse and be part of connecting the community with animals! It’s great for families and those who want to take their families on a special tour.

View of the Harbor

When you take this picture, the view of the Chicago River is absolutely magical. During your walk, you’ll also see the Willamette Valley and the bluff and rock formations that make for a scenic hike.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge

If you’re on foot, the award winning views become even more special. Timeshare buyers love this view and it’s perfect for an evening walk or a picnic.

Gorgeous Mejicanos Beach

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely take some time to do a daily walk along the beach. This beach is made for the whole family, with several water slides and a Swimming Pool for the little ones. Enjoy lounging on the beach or even snorkeling!

Signs of Spring

During spring, flowers start to appear around the world; just last week, we were in the Palos Verdes area where meadows were bare of flowers.

High-Elevation View

Nestled amongst the snow, not far from the Los Angeles County hill city of Angeles, is Mount Lee, the highest peak in Southern California. There is no better place to take overnight hikes than the summit of this landmark.

Olympic National Park

If you will be camping at a national park, there is almost always benefit to visiting the area. Many visitors don’t realize there is such a beautiful landscape, wildlife, and artistically beautiful views all around.

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